We drive each property before committing to a loan. We inspect inside and out of all properties and approve their cost breakdown of work that will be done – occasionally rehabber omits something that needs to be done (we are their second set of eyes on the project).

We also drive the comparable sales and listings to make sure the after repaired value estimate is realistic. (we are their second set of eyes on the project).

  • We secure loans up to 90% of Project Cost (purchase price + rehab cost = Project Cost). Nobody does this!
  • No Appraisal required– saves time and money. Nobody does this!
  • We have 35+ years’ lending experience. We’ve been doing rehab lending for the last 20 years. We truly know what rehabbers need. We are so confident in our abilities, Rehab Funds are paid out in advance, starting on the day of recording, to enable you to dive in, start the rehab and complete the project. Again, nobody does this!